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Dragon King's Son-In-Law
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NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 573 grate vacuous
“This Hao Ren has these wonderful effect in the university!” they imagined .
Players around the basketball group had been astonished after they incurred to the cafeteria and observed how outdone the players for the soccer crew were actually .
The students looked at as Lu Qing driven the authorities upstairs just as before, plus they were definitely also surprised .
They believed that only Xie Wanjun experienced such battling ability, and they also didn’t count on Zhao Jiayi to overpower other people inside a identical fas.h.i.+on!
The Cruise of the Betsey
Hao Ren discovered Hao Zhonghua taking a look at him, so he speedily rid yourself of the captain from the football team’s arm and attempted to work calm . However, he was very uneasy inside .
Some students couldn’t help but request people about them who this the middle of-age man was if they saw Lu Qing requesting him for his point of view .
“Is that so?” Lu Qing looked around, with his fantastic concept and strengthen were still ice cold .
Hao Ren didn’t anticipate seeing Hao Zhonghua in this article, so he converted stiff .
“It’s not like that . They reach Brother Hao!”
They thought that only Xie Wanjun had this kind of dealing with expertise, and so they didn’t expect to have Zhao Jiayi to overcome others in a equivalent fas.h.i.+on!
He stared at them and carried on, “I’ll talk with your coach!”
“OK! It’s all right!” Zhao Jiayi yelled .
With their heads, they had to characterize the institution to contend in soccer satisfies . Even though they hadn’t claimed any champions.h.i.+ps, they still put in the hard work . Ever since Hao Ren acquired ruined their bone, it could use a poor influence on their activities . Which had been why they not less than desired some medical compensation as well as to have Hao Ren suspended for a few days .
He stared at them and continuing, “I’ll engage with your private coach!”
They believed only Xie Wanjun got this sort of battling abilities, additionally they didn’t be expecting Zhao Jiayi to overcome others in the related fas.h.i.+on!
Xie Yujia investigated Hao Ren worriedly . She want to help talk about the specific situation to Hao Zhonghua, but Hao Zhonghua didn’t express his stance, so she couldn’t aid Hao Ren plead with for mercy .
On the other hand, he thinking he didn’t need to worry about Hao Ren ever again . He considered that even if he were to be punished, it could only be an easy consequence ever since the school required a soccer crew to tackle other colleges, and then he was the captain with the football staff .
The two aspects began to fight .
“Certainly, yes…” this manager cleaned off of the perspiration on his forehead and nodded .
Just when Zhao Jiayi done his views, the Mechatronic Technology Program’s Director arrived downstairs and waved at Hao Ren . “Hao Ren, arrive upstairs . The Vice is dialing in your case . “
He didn’t are aware that Hao Ren was the Director with the Calligraphy Group, and the participants is needed Hao Ren out during these situations!
Zhao Jiayi sighed helplessly . He checked out how worried Hao Ren was and suddenly thought, “Ren is really so powerful and terrifying… But Hao Zhonghua somehow checked just a little similar to Hao Ren . “
Hao Zhonghua appeared stern . He didn’t say nearly anything and endured two-actions behind Lu Qing .
“Ren, don’t fret . If anything takes place, I’ll go ahead and take pin the blame on!” Zhao Jiayi tapped Hao Ren’s shoulder blades and explained while he patted his upper body .
“Are you alright?” Hao Ren switched all over and considered Zhao Jiayi . “Are you needing me to go to the hospital on you?”
Hao Zhonghua searched stern . He didn’t say anything at all and endured two-ways behind Lu Qing .

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