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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1228 – The One and Only Looter King respect wise
When he reached the entry ways on the Venusian dimensional zone, the Cube started its exist broadcast once again.
It searched similar to a area inside the Western Area. Zhou Wen didn’t carefully determine where he was. He had taken out his smartphone and looked at the live transmit on the Venusian dimensional sector.
Zhou Wen was grinding dungeons in-match and didn’t understand about the Guardian. If not, he can have undertaken good thing about it.
When people observed him use spatial teleportation to penetrate the dimensional sector and overcome the Metallic Guards within, they immediately seen that he was obviously a Mythical Guardian who had been here to take advantage of the condition.
“Do you might think everyone can be the Looter Queen? Looter Emperor is in the Terror grade—an living who is able to make use of the black dragon to get rid of the Golden Conflict G.o.ds. Is not it courting fatality for any Mythical creature to wish to loot?”
Nevertheless, to his amaze, immediately after attempting to teleport, the Guardian’s expression altered significantly. He couldn’t leave behind the dimensional region and was still stuck within the room.
Zhou Wen farmed the Venusian occasion dungeon all over again in-activity, but he still failed to avoid the bullet. The shot was only too frightening. The Limitless Demon Dragon King’s headgear exploded. His potent damages defenses couldn’t stand up to the bullet’s headshot. Certainly, all the difference in strength was too wonderful.
Combining Tsukuyomi’s pressured departure from Planet plus the ongoing tries of these kinds of creatures to the Venusian instance dungeon, Zhou Wen looked at a chance. Perhaps these pests experienced their advantages for entering into the Venusian dimensional region. They hadn’t accessed willingly.
Let Me Game in Peace
Zhou Wen really couldn’t determine why the skeleton would choose to enter the Venusian dimensional sector under these kinds of
Chapter 1228: The One and Only Looter California king
Right after over a working day, one other being came into the Venusian occasion dungeon.
The Young Woodsman
A lot of factions on Earth acquired the identical idea. They are able to naturally inform that Zhou Wen was using spatial teleportation to get into the Venusian dimensional area. The factions by using these abilities have been enthusiastic to enjoy a write about from the loot.
Instantaneously, each of the humans looking at the live transmit were actually amazed. They didn’t figure out what was transpiring.
“There are only able to be 1 Looter Master of course. There’s a risk when looting. One must be aware.”
Chapter 1228: The Only Looter Ruler
Zhou Wen was crushing dungeons in-match and didn’t know of the Guardian. If not, he might have consumed good thing about it.
Zhou Wen observed it get rid of the Metal Shield and found that its sturdiness was probable only at the Terror level. Nonetheless, the previous fight had already demonstrated the emergency fee associated with a Terror-class creature during the dungeon was pathetically lower.
Even so, to his big surprise, soon after trying to teleport, the Guardian’s expression transformed substantially. He couldn’t abandon the dimensional sector and was still stuck in the room.
Abroad, there had been a specialist which has a spatial Guardian who chose to get into the Venusian dimensional zone with the Cube.
When individuals spotted him use spatial teleportation to enter the dimensional sector and combat the Steel Guards interior, they immediately discovered that he had been a Mythical Guardian who was here to take advantage of the scenario.
Following this occurrence, no person dared to take advantage of the loopholes within the guidelines.
The alarm systems in the six doorways have been ringing. The black dragon was heavily hurt. Though it checked out the entry doors warily, it didn’t realize which home other event would come out of.
Zhou Wen obtained seen this creature well before. It had been the skeleton that resembled the Harsh Reaper. It wore a cloak and held a scythe within the arms. It got launched the dungeon making use of the typical technique.

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