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Dual Cultivation
Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 907 – Returning to the Surface plough injure
“Additionally, in case you make meals these wonderful beasts and consume their meats, it may boost your Yin Qi tremendously. Do you want to try out taking in some?”
An hour after, Xiao Rong experienced eaten over 100 species of fish in water, and her Yin Qi improved by advances and bounds.
“Does the marvelous beasts within the frozen beach traumatize you?” Su Yang chuckled when he noticed her operating so stressed.
Su Yang then approached the lake and withstood in front of the standard water.
This enchanting monster got the look of a leopard although with two immensely long and very sharp fangs with its oral cavity, as well as its fur was completely bright white, mixing in with the backdrop.
Su Yang then delivered to fis.h.i.+ng for more fish.
When Xiao Rong found this lake, she instinctively quit piloting and also backed up a bit, as she still recalled the enchanting beasts under the frosty beach.
“Learn, the ground is trembling.” Xiao Rong said.
This awesome beast obtained the appearance of a leopard although with two immensely longer and razor-sharp fangs in the mouth, and its hair was completely white-colored, mixing along with the backdrop.
After her initial chew, Xiao Rong persisted for taking chunks right out of the species of fish, and in less than one minute, she eaten the full species of fish.
Up to he desired Xiao Rong to kill every enchanting beast they stumbled upon, he didn’t want her to draw in close proximity magical beasts along with her immense spiritual electricity, and the Sword Will was invisible unless the wonderful beasts somehow also understood Sword Will.
“Then let’s keep on. One can find sites around that provide these seafood in order to actually eat far more later on.”
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“Don’t stress, it’s typical. It’s merely the Primordial Huge relocating, therefore we bought shut enough in it to achieve it.”
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Xiao Rong nodded and immediately applied her cultivation to strain the marvelous beast.
And following going for walks for a small over ten mins, a magical monster shown up before them.
Su Yang got an in-depth inhalation afterward, as that individual strike got enjoyed over half of his spiritual vitality.
Following departing the Limited Yin Sect powering, Su Yang unveiled a sigh of relief.
And after walking to get a small over 10 minutes, a magical monster sprang out before them.
“Xiao Rong, you may end controlling your farming bottom right now. It’ll be much less dangerous for all of us since awesome beasts will think again before they attack us.”
When Xiao Rong saw this lake, she instinctively discontinued flying and even supported somewhat, as she still recalled the awesome beasts beneath the iced seas.
Hence, he could just use her to distract the marvelous beasts while he personally kills them.
“Alright, let’s go out of doors.”
“Utilize your cultivation foundation to startle it for just a moment. I will take care of it while it’s preoccupied.”
Xiao Rong nodded.
“Don’t fear, while you can find enchanting beasts into the standard water, they’re significantly less strong as the wonderful beasts exterior. In fact, they’re actually extremely vulnerable if you compare them to your other folks, because they are mostly below the Incredible Soul World.”
“Xiao Rong, it is possible to quit suppressing your cultivation base in the meantime. It’ll be much safer for all of us since the magical beasts will think hard before they strike us.”
“Alright, deliver a moment.”
A moment in the future, he dragged his palm back, yanking the string right out of the water, and at the end of the Sword Will, there was clearly a blue-decorated sea food with semi-transparent scales how big his left arm.
Dual Cultivation
Following eradicating the mystical beast, Su Yang retrieved a pill and consumed it, with his fantastic faith based electricity began to reestablish itself even without the need for him to develop, as he didn’t possess the time to take a seat and enhance, as well as that it was incredibly risky to cultivate out in the open in this place.
Sixty minutes after, Xiao Rong had ingested over 100 sea food within the water, and her Yin Qi better by jumps and bounds.
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And right after wandering for a minimal over 10-20 minutes, a magical beast made an appearance before them.
After looking at the water in silence for most a matter of minutes, Su Yang suddenly shifted his arm, giving just one strand of Sword Will into the h2o, much like a fis.h.i.+ng rod.
“Then let’s go on. There are destinations in existence that offer these sea food in order to take in additional down the road.”
Su Yang applied his Sword Qi to decapitate its travel before working with his Alchemy Flames to cook it.
The scales for the fish automatically dissolved like an ice pack the minute it touched the Alchemy Flames.
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A moment in the future, they left the cave, going back to the top which has been included in snowfall.
Discovering Xiao Rong working this active the first time, Su Yang smiled and mentioned, “Do you want far more? There are plenty of them in the water.”
When Xiao Rong observed this lake, she instinctively stopped traveling by air and in many cases backed up a little bit, as she still recalled the mystical beasts beneath the freezing beach.
“Xiao Rong, you are able to stop suppressing your cultivation starting point for now. It’ll be much less hazardous for individuals considering that the enchanting beasts will think twice before they invasion us.”

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